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The MCWRA (Missouri Civil War Reenactors' Association) was organized in 1981 by reenactors who saw the need to set up a structured organization in response to the growing number of reenactors portraying the history of our country from 1861-1865, and to better serve potential sponsors wanting to have living history events. Since its inception, the MCWRA has been incorporated in the state of Missouri as a non-profit corporation. The association is guided by a set of rules and by-laws and is governed by a Board of Directors, and policies are voted upon by the general membership.

The main event year is primarily from May through October/November, but cooperation with similar organizations in other states allows reenactors to participate year round if they desire. Members choose the events they feel they wish to attend and direct their efforts to supporting those.

The cost of the hobby will depend on the branch chosen (i.e. Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Medical, or Civilian, etc.) and how far one wants to delve into an impression. Once a reenactor has made the choice as to which branch is of interest, the MCWRA can provide information on local units, and contacts whom can give details on uniform costs, suppliers, weapons, tents, etc. and a general idea of costs involved. Often units have items which can be borrowed while a new member is gathering all the items desired.

MCWRA membership costs $10.00 per calendar year which includes the newsletter, The Western Campaigner, which keeps members abreast of MCWRA issues and MCWRA listed, sanctioned and maximum events; protection by MCWRA liability insurance should a spectator be injured, and availability of personal accident insurance at a very reasonable cost under the MCWRA organization. Three meetings are held each year at the Capital Building in Jefferson City, Mo. The times and dates are listed in the EVENTS page.


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