1. Q: What is a Civil War Reenactor?
A: Civil War reenactors are men, women, and children who have a strong interest in the period known as The War Between the States. Because of this interest, they spend as much time as possible dressing, talking, sleeping, and portraying the lifestyle of that time.

2. Q: Are Only Missourians Allowed Membership in the MCWRA?
A: Although our name states Missouri reenactors, this is not meant to imply that you must reside in Missouri to be a member. We are proud of the fact that our membership also comes from Midwestern states like Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Arkansas to mention a few.

3. Q: Can This Be a Family Hobby?
A: Yes! MCWRA takes pride in calling itself a family oriented organization. Family memberships are welcomed and encouraged. While the men are presenting the soldier or civilian impressions of the war, the ladies are busy showing the different aspects of women's roles during the conflict. Authentically attired children are always a welcome addition to any living history weekend and are certain to catch the eye of camp visitors.

4. Q: Is Reenacting a Hobby?
A: MCWRA members take living history seriously and work hard at authentically representing our forefathers in an honorable fashion. Because of the time spent and the great amount of pleasure obtained from it, most members consider reenacting to be a hobby, since no monetary compensation is paid to the members.

5. Q: How do I get Involved?
A: Contact one of the Officers or Directors for details. Membership is $10.00 per year or $100.00 for a life-time membership. Or download the form and send it in.

6. Q: How do I find a group or unit to join?
A: Look at the list of units on our Member Units page.